Paradise found

Shri Joraver Vilas, Santrampur

Nestled amidst the lush lower reaches of the Aravallis, is a hidden paradise. A palatial villa positioned quite magnificently upon a lake. The vivid mental image this brings to mind creates an ethereal aura around the property even before a real glimpse is caught. Far from social inhabitance and the chaotic humdrum of our hectic urbane lifestyles is Shri Joraver Vilas, an oasis of tranquility.

Keeping in mind the 1920’s aesthetic of the Art Deco era, Shri Joraver Vilas was built with an interior that creates an allure of the old world charm. The villa is a marvel of stunning interior architecture with personal touches that make it all the more enchanting.


When rich heritage gets a touch of artistic restoration it is indeed a connoisseur’s paradise that Shri Joraver Vilas is. The warmth and hospitality is the cherry on top. A perfect 'home' for rejuvenation.

Ms. Krupali B Chudasama


Thank you for the most wonderfully relaxing two days. Your home is warm, cosy and so inviting. Thank you for a memorable stay. We look forward to coming here again with family and friends.

Dr. Shraddha Vora


It was like a dream come true for me to stay in such a hospitable palace. Not once did I feel like I am talking to 'the king' or 'the queen'. They are so down to earth and such beautiful people.

Ms. Dhwani Bajaj


Stunning place, Amazing hospitality, Lip-smacking food and a Silver Four Poster bed. My total ‘Princess Moment’ happened right here! Love this family to bits. Thank you so very much!

Ms. Surabhi Mehta

(Influencer, Ahmedabad)

Visited the palace while on visit to Kadana dam and Lunavada/Santrampur areas.The area has tremendous tourism potential and the government would be very keen in the development. HH Paranjay Singh and his entire family were extremely hospitable. Wishing them all the best.

Mr. JN Singh

(Chief Secretary of Gujarat)

It’s a home away from home with more luxury of beautiful garden, mind blowing surroundings of natural beauty and wonderful hosts!

Ms. Mala Shodhan


Heavenly experience. The hospitality, the ambience, the serenity- most spectacular! Thank you lovely hosts

Mrs. Indu Capoor & Mr. Debashish Nayak

(Heritage Conservationists, Ahmedabad)

Every brick, every bit of this elegant and well appointed ‘home stay’ in an enchanting palace “breathes” and radiates warmth, beauty and poise. The lake with the flourish of lotuses, the leaves, trees with the hammock are all very soothing, transporting one to a by gone era and a different paradise altogether. Excellent experience.

Mrs. Jayanti S Ravi

(Principal Health Secretary, Government of Gujarat)

Never encountered a place in India where everything is near to perfection. We experienced it as impressive, stunning… Really appreciated. We will be back!

Ms. Anne De Peepe


Impressed by the history and beauty of this wonderful palace and the great hospitality of the Royal Family.

Mrs. Elisabeth Werhahn


It’s been a pride and pleasure spending time at Shri Joraver Vilas Palace. Not only does the palace hold an incomparable ambience but the Royal Family is the most wonderful host one could ever ask for. Shall not miss any opportunity in future to be here again. HH Maharani Mandakini needs special mention for her grace, eye for every detail and excellent care and hospitality. It was our honour

Mr. Ashish Sharma


All my gratitude to the hosts the Maharana and Maharani who went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and happy at their personal residence. Enjoying the beauty of the place, the elegance of its decorations, the breath-taking serenity emanating from the majestic lake and forest environment and one of the finest cuisines I ever tasted in Gujarat where cooking is as much an art as a sum of techniques inherited from generations. The non-intrusive and discreet presence of the staff trained to anticipate the needs and expectations of the guests adds to the most pleasant memory I take back home. Definitely a truly unique homestay and one of Gujarat’s best kept hospitality secrets.- His Excellency Ambassador

Philippe Le Gall

(Mauritian Ambassador to India)